Weight Lifting Belts

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Step One measure your Waist size perfectly using Belt, size chart given In Pictures, 5 Inch wide weightlifting belt with extra wide 2 inch support strap provides maximum lower back and abdominal support for heavier lifts, Available in four waist sizes: S (28-32 inches), M (32-36 inches), L (36-40 inches), XL (40-44 inches); measure around waist to determine size
5_ Inch Wide Nylon fabric outside and a felt fabric inside, Weight Lifting Belt are ergonomically designed to provide Firm & Comfortable Lumbar Support support during any kind of Strength Training. Heavy gauge steel roller buckle makes tensioning simple and easy. The full metal self-securing gear allows you to feel completely protected from unplanned unfastening. A long-life, wide Velcro tape is ready for more than 1000 usage cycles
Supported by Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel Slide Bar Buckle, Light in weight, Strong Stitching and Comfortable Long Lasting Weightlifting training, High Quality Velcro Closure provides snug fit, Velcro fastener Very comfort,
STABILIZE YOUR BACK & REDUCE STRESS _ Alleviate pain and reduce muscle stress to protect yourself against injuries and to stabilize your spine IMPROVE YOUR LIFTING PERFORMANCE FOR ALL SPORTS _ Perfect for weight and power lifting, gym workouts, bodybuilding, squats, dead lifts, cleans, snatches, and CrossFit
No matter your training style, whether doing squats, power cleans , dead lifts or other lifting exercises _ you_ll be able to go harder and know you have support weight lifting belt TRUST, Forget about long-time drying belts, 100% nylon material is not only comfortable but also breathable!